What’s Involved With Radon Testing?

Find out if your Huntersville, NC home has a radon problem

Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that can have deadly consequences for your family. The only way to find out if your family is being exposed to radon is to schedule radon testing.

Home Bound Inspections, LLC offers radon testing for homes in Concord and Huntersville, NC. Feel free to add radon testing to your home structural inspection, and your home inspector will take the opportunity to test the air in your home for radon.

Before buying a home, you want to be aware of any dangers that could pose a risk to your family. If you’re selling a home, radon testing will allow you to stay one step ahead of potential buyers. Get in touch with Home Bound Inspections today to schedule radon testing.

Rid your home of dangerous radon

If your radon inspection shows high levels of radon in your home, don’t worry. Radon mitigation is a fairly simple process designed to rid your home of radon and make it safe for long-term habitation.

Call today to schedule radon testing from Home Bound Inspections of Concord and Huntersville, NC.